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The following comments are taken from our Garden Cottages guest books.

Phil & Cissy
Thank you so much for making our trip so wonderful. The cottage was so cozy
and very relaxing. We'd also like to thank you for all the special arrangements
you made for us. Everything was so perfect ... The food was great and the little
chocolates you did leave were great .... Looked high and low and even in the
middle and still never found the chocolates ... We even dreamt about them.
Oh well I guess we will have to come back.

Bob & Megan
Very relaxing romantic & beautiful. Just what we needed! We searched and
searched for the chocolates but came up empty handed. Too bad! It was much
more challenging than we thought it would be and we had to give up before the
search drove us completely nuts. But thank you providing such a great place
for a perfect getaway!

Tom & Luana
What a wonderful day! HHF made our dreams realized , it's was so beautiful.
You will always hold a special place in our hearts. The cottage was so peaceful,
our dreams while we slept were magical. We plan to come back on our anniversary.
Thanks so very much! We love you!

Dan & Amy
My husband and I truely felt spoiled all night. This is our last valentines before
our first child arrives, and it's been our most memorable valentines in our eight
years together. I can't believe this little bit of heaven is only 10 minutes from
our home. We can't wait to be back, you've thought of everything in the
Sweethearts Loft, and my husband earned major points!! Your romantic
gardens can bring out magic for anyone. That's what it is, this place is really
magical. Thank you for a night my husband and I will never forget.
P.S. the Quiche was excellent, and so will the cookies!

Michael & Rebecca
Water on bamboo; droplets, lingering morning light, captured dew from night.
Such a Bohemian retreat. We enjoyed the quite get-a-way ---- no kids, no yardwork,
no phone, just another opportunity to renew our friendship, indulge in passion, and
explore a lot of wineries. I may have to build a loft --- or maybe we'll just carry this one with us ....

Katie & Forrest
Wine tasting got us wasted but Soloman (the limo driver), kept us going. The place
was straight out of a fairytale with all the lights and musid. We loved the food and
the atmosphere. Katie didn't want to leave, she said she wants to live here. The dice
were fun, but just don't try and wretle in the bathtub. A great one year anniversary.
Greg & Immer
What a Find! Hearts Home Farm. Extremely romantic. We had the place to ourselves
and danced salsa, swing, cha cha, foxtrot and waltz in the gazebo while sipping wine
of course. Enjoyed a lovely evening and woke to the most pleasant breakfast.
Thanks so much, we will tell many about this place.

Gail & Gary
This place is so very special! The romance it brings out in us all is extraordinary! The peace
and serenity we both felt meant more then words can express. We could literally fell the love
of all who've passed through these doors. Thanks to caring people such as yourselves we
were able to savor each passing minute we spent within this cottage. God bless you for
sharing this with us and all others that are fortunate enough to discover this piece of
"Heaven On Earth".

Roman & Sonja
Thank you so very very much for the devine and so loving experience for our first two
nights as husband and wife. We just loved the warm greeting from the gate to entering
the cottage. The food was scrumptious and all the added bonuses like fresh flowers
and fixing the fireplace and the love dice!!! This is the most memorable time we have
shared you gave full attention to detail. of the weekend. May the lord richly bless you
all and reward you openly. We will definitely be back for getaway's. We will send you
a special thank you!

Connie & Don
This is a place will always carry the memories of our daughters wedding in our hearts. Having
this cottage to come to after the reception was truly heaven on earth. Thank you for this heaven.

Lindsey & Jack
I wanted to find the perfect place to celebrate Jack's birthday and I definetily found it. Away
from the crazy city, the frantic news updates, we escape to this private green oasis. We
relaxed in front of the fire, full of wine & conversation. We woke up this morning to a
delicious breakfast and fresh flowers. Nothing could have been more perfect. However,
we will be back to find that blasted candy !! We were disturbed the last guests found it
and we didn't. :] NEXT TIME, THE CHOCOLATE IS OURS!!
Thanks again for a beautiful experience.

Kat & Jim
This is our 3rd visit. 1st time was just a one night getaway. 2nd was last year for our 30th
anniversary. This time its our 31st anniversay. Love it here! Finally had the secret revealed
to us, but were not telling were it is! We'll be back next year.

David & Sandra
Hemet or Vegas? That was our choice, so we took a gamble on Hemet and boy oh boy did
it pay off, the biggest pay off yet! Wow what a way to spend our "17" year anniversary !
You guys didn't miss a beat to make our stay perfect! We loved it! The food & all the
goodies are great! Although we never found the hinding spot with the candy, that is
reason enough to come back again. I'm sure we will, and what a perfect place for our
daughters wedding. Thanks for everything!

Tina & Bruce
Don't know what day or time it was. Mostly captured in each others souls. Somethimes
we both need a place like this to bring us back to absolute serenity. Thank you for
providing such a wonderful, warm and inviting home. Even though we were only here
one night it was fabulous. Sorry, we didn't have time to find the secret hiding spot, mostly
because we were focusing on each other. I'm sure we'll be back. Again, thanks for the
home away from home.

Renee & Mayk
This has been the perfect place for us to come relax just two weeks away from
our wedding day. Witnessing the beautiful wedding yesterday got us exited for ours. The
house is gorgeous! I have enjoyed looking at every delicate detail so perfectly placed.
Thank you for your hospitality. We will come back - find those chocolates !!

Judi & jarrod
A cozy quiet cottage nesled in a beautiful and serene setting .... what else could we want
for our weekend away. Delicious food, fire place-ready, and every detaile taken care of .....
Everything was perfect - Thank you. We spent over an hour each day looking for the
"secret spot" ---- we'll find it next time.

Lisa & Steve
What a beautiful place for a romantic getaway. Steve & I loved the wine tour, Andre the
limo driver was a gracios host! This was a surprise weekend for me for my 29th birthday
- one that will never forget!

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